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Chapel Hill, Lucan, Co. Dublin. | Tel: 01- 6282840 | Email: contact@lucanvethospital.com
Welcome to Lucan Veterinary Hospital
The 'only' Animal Hospital in Lucan. We are fully equipped to deal with any animal emergency or any sick pet.

Animal Hospital Services
Full Medical, Surgical, X-Ray and diagnostic facilities.
Ultra Sound / Doppler facility
BP Monitoring equipment
Full 'in-house' Haematology & Biochemistry testing.

We care about your pet
With our team of trained & experienced Veterinary staff your pet is in the best hands possible in their time of need.
Speedy responses are paramount when it comes to diagnosis of your pet and with our Veterinary practice being a fully equppied animal hospital there's no long waiting for results etc.....especially when there's an emergency!
When you worry about your best friend we take care of them.

24 Hour 'round the clock' patient care
We have an overnight stay facility where our Veterinary Nurses can care for and keep a watchful eye on your pet if required after surgery. We can nurse your most beloved loyal friend back to health in no time.
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Optimal Health advice for your pet
We know that you want your pet to have as long and as happy a life as possible. We can help you with some advice & tips to keep your pet at optimum health all the way through their life.
This can be acheived by the correct diet & exercise from a young age thus minimising their trips to the vet!

With this in mind, we have chosen to stock only the best brands of pet food available at our practice which can be picked during open times if you need it.